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Age: 1 1/2 year

Gender: Female

Rank: Undecided


There once was a pack called the Battalions, a powerful and mighty pack, who reigned undefeated. Their leader, Onesimus, was a wise leader, a very critical thinker. Some would describe him as tough, sometimes a little hotheaded when it came to crucial mistakes made by his people. Ruling by his side was Azubah, who was as kind and understanding as she was beautiful. She was his only weakness. Azubah kept him from being too rough on the people. One day, Azubah volunteered to take the pups of the pack on a tour of the lands, to show them where they ought not go, and where they could go. While on the tour with the fifteen pups, they were attacked by a rival pack. Azubah had some of the older pups, who were capable of helping the younger ones, pick the smaller pups two by two in their jaws and run back to the pack as fast as they could while she did her best to fend off the brutes who they were being attacked by. All but three of the pups survived, but at a price, Azubah was killed. Onesimus SWORE the death of the wolves who ever involved... but while leading a raid, Onesimus and five of the other wolves were captured, by humans, and made captives in an enclosed environment. It took a while for them to realize they were not going to get back home, especially when some of the rest of the pack was added, but not only that. Some of the pack responsible for Azubah's death was also introduced to the their enclosure. Helah, one of the enemy pack, tried to make peace with Onesimus, but he was grief worn and angry, and refused. It took years, actually, for the two packs to live in harmony, mostly because soon, some wolves because friends, then mates, and had children. The two packs took on a new names, Wolves of Old. Onesimus lead this group, and before long, took Helah as his mate. And thus, Shivyor was born. Pups are usually born in pairs or more, so when Shivyor came alone, some considered it an omen, other's a special sign. Shiv was special, that was for sure. The humans took a great interest in her, and mostly raised her for Helah and Onesimus, although Helah found it irritating that they didn't find her a fit mother. After the the first two months, they allowed Shivyor to return to her mother. Though Shivyor had a weird smell at first, it faded with time and she was accepted back into the pack with ease. When Shivyor was full grown, animal rights protestors said it was wrong to keep such beautiful animals caged up as they were. And, choosing the youngest and healthiest members, they set Shivyor and some other wolves into the wild, all in different locations. Some of which were Shiv's younger siblings and cousins. Because Shiv had never really had a reason to hunt before, for her food was always made available to her whenever she wanted it, she did not know how to hunt. So she nearly starved to death before a pack under the leadership of Octavian found her, and took her in.


Shivyor is a very curious and excitable being. She is enthralled by the simplest of things, like a butterfly, or the breeze, and especially sunrises and sunsets. This fae has the most innocent nature about her, and is so very gentle and kind when she speaks. She knows this war is dangerous, but she has decided that if provoked, she will defend this pack to her very last breath. She does hope that never comes. Shiv is not a very shy belle, in fact, quite the opposite. While she is very innocent and naive, you can find her chatting up her pack mates and playfully pawing at them, especially Octavian.


Looking similar to her father in markings, and having her mother's colors, Shivyor has an almost blue cast to her gray coat, and the rest of her is white. Her markings have circular patterns, and her mane is midnight blue, as well as her gentle eyes.

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