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Post  Seiymier on Wed Nov 14, 2012 11:38 pm

Škodlivé Pravítka (Malicious Rulers)
Led By: Seiymier
Škodlivé Pravítka was the name chosen by Alpha Seiymier. The meaning of the pack name is Malicious Rulers. It was formed from Seiymier wanting to be the top Alpha and rule a pack of those who shared a similar idea of his. The strongest can, and will survive and conquer the weak. Nothing will stand in his packs way of becoming the dominant and only ruling pack of his original homeland. The pack members of Škodlivé Pravítka are located at the top of a mountain that looms over Octavian's pack and land. There is a crater like middle of the mountain that has the different dens of the various ranks of the Škodlivé Pravítka pack. The Alpha's den is located higher up on the mountain, wanting the higher vantage point for his spying on his brother's pack.

Nos sumus fidelibus (We are the faithful)
Led By: Octavian

Nos sumus fidelibus is the changed name of the original pack the two brothers were from. Octavian took it as a bitter irony in choosing the name. Taking and molding the original pack to be more his favor, Octavan runs a tight pack as alpha, being very serious when it comes to order or fighting tactics. The main goal of the pack is to be the stopping force of the opposing warring pack. The territory of the pack is under the shadow of the large mountains, covering lush forests and vast grassy hills. The pack itself rests in a vally, circled by the treeline. Those who follow the order of this pack understand a few rules, which are as follows-

  • Octavian's word is law.

  • All new members of the pack will be inspected by Octavian himself, no questions asked.

  • Those who swear loyalty to the pack will remain loyal until death.

  • Any found affiliating with the accused with be put to a swift death.

  • Traveling alone or without a troop to any part of the territory on leisure, all parties involved must get permission by Octavian.

  • Those captured parties from the opposing sides will be given one chace to right their wrongs, if this is met with refusal, the execution will commence.

  • Breeding within the pack is allowed, both parents must be members of Nos sumus fidelibus. No exceptions.


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