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verum ducem

Gender: Male

Position: Primicerius of Nos sumus fidelibus


Octavian was born the first pup to the original alpha. He was strong from the start, showing great promise for one his size. Though he was pressured to do better and to go harder, Octavian always stayed level headed throughout his juvenile life. The alpha, seen as a saint through the eyes of the pack members, kept Octavian away from others his age throughout most of his puphood, worried that the younger ones would corrupt his sons upbringing. For the most part the young heir was forced to his own devices when it came to social interactions. When his brother was born...Seiymier, Octavian accepted him in adoration. Now not being so alone, Octavian was happy to take the role of the older brother and catch up on his childhood that he was deprived of. The alpha-to-be never had a grudge against his brother, even from the start, playing with him any chance he got. He took pride in trying to teach his younger sibling the little things he knew and only ever showered him with praise and affection. Times changed when the alpha suddenly became ill. The tension and his brothers aggression grew with the ever looming fact of who would lead the pack. Becoming extremely introverted in this span of time, Octavian took to himself, often leaving for days at a time out into the forest only to return to the same aggression of his brother. He found himself avoiding Seiymier as much as he could, worried he would only sour their relationsip further. But time took care of that for him. Their father did die, leaving Octavian prepared to take the spot he had been trained to do since he was born. The day came and went without much of a reaction towards either brother. For a month after the two once close brothers spoke little, when he did talk to Seiymier it was only recieved with bitter and venom laced words. The tension did eventually come to a head one night, resulting in Seiymier, Octavian's once beloved brother, swearing the death of Octavian and the death of the rest of the pack. Since the departure of his brother Octavian has become nervous, he trusts few and keeps a close eye on those in his pack, ever aware of the looming threat of his astranged brother.


Octavian all together is an understanding leader, though he does have his moments of panic they are often quick and he is able to get past it. He likes to wander off by himself for a few hours to clear his thoughts to places unknown that he considers his areas of solitude. Though his brother is his only sore subject, Octavian takes serious situations with a level head, thinking them out fully, working out all the outcomes that could follow. He takes mercy on any captured from the other side. Giving them a second chance to see the light before execution. If Octavian knows of a spy or becomes suspicious of someone he will not hesitate in reacting harshly, taking it extremely personal.


Having similar markings to his father, Octavian has a long dark pelt, his fur being shaggy and often ruffled in certain spots from stress. Strong eyes which are a dark green are a picture of calm, unless one is to look closely which reflects a hint of pain. His markings resembles rings, which are much more pale then his dark pelt, starting at his back down both of his sides. He has what resembles a mask across the tip of his face, going partially down his snout and along his cheeks. All markings being a pale grey in contrast to his dark brownish/black pelt.

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