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War crimes (Rules) Empty War crimes (Rules)

Post  Octavian on Tue Nov 13, 2012 10:59 pm

Read all of the rules, all are important to the plot and roleplay

1. Type of Roleplay

This is a realistic roleplay, please roleplay accordingly. No neon colors, please. You will be asked to change your colors and if you refuse to do so you will be promptly removed. However, minor color differences are allowed. (E.g. Soft green with a creamy white.). Cussing is allowed, however do not overuse the privilege. No weapons, we are wolves, not humans. Please be mindful of the many different users that will be roleplaying. Wait until one user is finished with their post before posting your own use the ">, >>, or -c-" Symbols as a way to show that your post is going to be continued. Activity is a must. However, it can be a flexible rule.

2. Disputes

This is a mature roleplay, meant for an older group of Roleplayers. Fighting in the roleplay itself is welcome, infact encouraged based off the theme. That being said arguments outside of the roleplay enviroment is not welcomed and will be dealt with. Having a problem with a memeber should be brought to the attention of on the leaders an will be dealt with from there. If you are having problems with other users, please take a screenshot and send it to vestvalkuproti@live.com The matter will be handled appropriately

3. Godmodding/Powerplaying

As with most mature roleplays both of these are prohibited. There will be alot of fighting done in this roleplay and if godmodding is found it will be brought to attention. We uderstand that it could be an accident so it will be a warning the first time, after the first initial incident the situation will be delt with more seriously. If you are to fight, you will not get away with No wounds. Realisticly speaking, if any wolf were to engage in combat, they Will be wounded. You will also be tired. You're not superwolf, you get tired. Please keep the fighting to one on one fighting. No two on one. Fight realisticly. There will be none of this: -The heavy brute enclosed his jowels around the exposed throat of his opponent. Tightening his grip the muscles in his neck tightened as he lifted the body of his enemy and tosses him to the side and against a tree.- It is physically impossible for a normal wolf to lift a full grown adult wolf and toss the body of another.

4. Reproduction

Having offspring is welcomed in this roleplay but please pay attention to a few things if planning on having your character reproduce. Both parents must be actual roleplayers in the group overall, one parent cannot be an NPC (Not playable character). All pups must be another roleplayer. When choosing a mate for your character, be sure to choose wisely. Too much fighting between the mates can cause problems within the pack and friendships. Make sure you have talked it over with the other person of that characters. This can also be said by choosing a roleplayer for the potential pups, every pup born must have a seperate roleplayer. This means the said new roleplayer will be reviewed by the leaders. If you know your character will be pregnant and needs help finding someone, please feel free to pm one of the leaders in regards to helping find a roleplayer for the pup. Aging for the pup is as follows, 1 day real time = 1 week roleplay time.

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