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Post  ShiverMeTimberWolf on Tue Dec 25, 2012 10:29 am

I really don't want to over-step my boundaries- after all, I'm no one important, really, but our Alpha's haven't been on in ages. I have an idea, but I want your guys' input first.

We need our Alpha's. Hell, we're nothing as a wolf pack without them. So my idea is, we appoint new Alpha's while we await the return of our real ones. This position will only be temporary until the Alpha returns to his pack. Once an Alpha returns, the Temp. Alpha returns to his/her/whatever former position. Wait, actually, what if the Temp. Alpha is a rank under the Alpha? Kind of like a Beta.

I got it! The Alpha's Beta takes over and is the Alpha until the real one returns.

Ehhh... Oct doesn't have a Beta yet...

I dunno, I'm thinking out loud here, you guys have any ideas? I'm trying to keep this pack going. :/


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